Gary Hirshberg, founder and CE-Yo of Stonyfield Farm, will be speaking next Thursday, May 12, at an event for current and potential member-owners of the Manchester Food Co-op, currently in planning.

The Manchester Food Co-op promises to be a great asset to Manchester, both in terms of offering excellent, affordable, largely local and organic groceries and as a community-owned and focused store.  Co-ops are usually located in downtowns or neighborhood centers within walking distance of many residents, and can be part of or lead to new development in those areas.  Many cities and towns in New Hampshire have co-op food stores with more in the works, and Hanover is home to the oldest co-op food store in the country.

Come hear Gary Hirshberg, a New Hampshire business leader and environmentalist, and learn more about the Co-op.  The event is being held at Robert Frost Hall at Southern New Hampshire University, 2500 N. River Road.  goodgood manchester has more details here.


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