The  International Farmers’ Market, supplied and managed by the beginning farmers of the International Institute of New England’s Rooting New Americans program, has opened for its first full season.  It will be open Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the summer, setting up shop in two spots: the Kalivas/Union neighborhood on the southeast side of downtown and in Rimmon Heights, bringing a farmers’ market to Manchester’s West Side for the first time (to LivableMHT’s knowledge, at least).  Along with the Downtown Farmers’ Market, there will now be farmers’ markets three days midweek in the city center!  The market is unique because it is opened, supplied and managed by farmers in Manchester’s refugee community.  So it’s a great way to buy fresh, local food, help support some very hardworking members of the community, and meet new neighbors from across the globe.

International Farmers’ Market:

The International Institute writes and LivableMHT agrees:

In addition to providing a sales outlet for beginning farmers, thus strengthening local food systems, the International Farmers’ Market is helping to combat food insecurity in the community. Farmers will sell fresh produce at affordable prices and accept all Federal nutrition benefits. We are proud to help promote healthy dietary choices and thriving households.

According to UNH Prof. John Carroll, New Hampshire lags behind its numbers in food self-sufficiency, but that a large and growing number of consumers buy their food directly from farmers, whether at farm stands or farmers’ markets.  So why not stop by the International Farmers’ Market on the way home to pick up some fresh, local food, support New Hampshire farmers and meet some of Manchester’s newest residents.


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