NHPR’s morning call-in show, The Exchange, is discussing bicycling in New Hampshire today.  If you have thoughts to offer before 10am, call or email the show.  Otherwise, the discussion will be available for streaming beginning later this afternoon on NHPR’s website.  It’s worth a listen for anyone who cares about expanding travel options in the Queen City.

Beefs over Bicycling in the Granite State!

Given concerns over gas-prices and obesity, more people are taking to two wheels instead of four.  But as more communities look to become cycling-friendly, there are speed bumps in the road: tight budgets to improve roads for bikes, arguments over law enforcement,  and limited space to park.  We’ll look at the biggest roadblocks toward cycling in New Hampshire.



  • Larry Keniston – Intermodal Facilities Engineer for the New Hampshire Department of Transportation
  • David Topham – Executive Director of the Bike/Walk Alliance of New Hampshire

We’ll also here from

  • Scott Bogle – Senior Transportation Planner for the Rockingham Regional Planning Commission.

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