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Intown Manchester is orchestrating a mass grand opening of several new downtown businesses this Thursday, November 3.  All are retail shops–something that has been lagging behind dining downtown–except for 36 Delux restaurant, which is going into the old Richard’s Bistro spot.  The grand openings will take place just a few hours before the final Open Doors Trolley tour of the year.

The No Bull Business Blog has a good quote from Intown Manchester about the growth and importance of retail downtown:

“From our perspective, the downtown area is a work in progress. We managed to weather the retail exodus in the late 90’s and then brought in a first class entertainment arena, the ballpark and we became an arts & culture stronghold. As we have seen in other downtowns, restaurants make way for retail. We have experienced a dining boom and have become a dining capital in the Northeast and the success of those restaurants has paved the way for retailers to recognize downtown as a strong business community. We have seen a dramatic influx of new street level businesses in central downtown and I have no doubt that these new businesses are the beginning of a new niche retail market that will only continue to grow,” said Samantha DePrima, Director of Marketing & Public Relations for Intown Manchester.

If you’re downtown during lunch or after work Thursday, check it out.

The official grand openings will occur in this order:

  • 36 Delux (restaurant @ 36 Lowell Street) @ 12:00 noon
  • Mill Town Market (local food market @ 1053 Elm Street) @ 12:15 pm
  • Vino Aromas (wine store & bar @ 997 Elm Street) @ 12:30 pm
  • Dancing Lion Chocolate (chocolatier & shop @ 917 Elm Street) @ 12:45 pm

In addition to these four new businesses, three other retail shops have opened downtown in the past few weeks:


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