Manchester livability awards and survey coming soon!

City Hall Plaza - photo by Nicholas Erwin

LivableMHT will be running a livability award survey in the coming months, which will include a “best of”-style section, possibly along with a few questions about the state of urban livability and the built environment in Manchester.

We have some topics and options in mind for the “best of” section,  but before posting the survey, we’d like to ask you to submit any topics or options that you’d like to see included. Please send us your ideas.

We’re holding off posting any options until the final survey is published, but here are the topics we’re considering (and a description if necessary) so far:

Neighborhoods & Urban Landscape

  • Most Livable Neighborhood
    • Which neighborhood has the best combination of desirability, mix of uses (housing, shops, etc), walkability, access to transit, affordability, sense of community, and overall sense of place?  Where would you most like to live, dine, shop and possibly even work?
  • Best Urban Neighborhood Street or Corner
    • Which neighborhood street or corner offers the best urban amenities—mix of uses, good sidewalks and crosswalks, and attractive landscaping, infrastructure and buildings—for the local neighborhood?  Where would you most like to spend time?
  • Most Attractive Downtown Street or Square
  • Best Downtown Block
  • Best Up-and-Coming Neighborhood Center or Street
    • Which neighborhood center or street has seen the most improvement over the last several years and appears to be most on-track to become an even more enjoyable and desirable place?
  • Neighborhood Center or Street with Most Potential
    • Which neighborhood center or street that has seen better days seems to have the most potential to be transformed or restored into a more vibrant place, with future investment, civic improvements and redevelopment?


  • Best New Building of the Last Decade — Downtown/City Center
  • Best Historic Building Renovated in the Last Decade — Downtown/City Center
  • Best New or Renovated Public Building of the Last Decade — Urban Neighborhoods
  • Best New or Renovated Housing of the Last Decade — Urban Neighborhoods
  • Most Iconic Building

Parks & Open Space

  • Best Downtown Park
  • Best Neighborhood Park
  • Best Natural Feature
  • Best Piece of Public Art (other than traditional statues)
  • Best Statue


  • Best Community-Focused Business
  • Best Community Group or Organization
  • Best Local Blog or Website (not including this one)


  • Most Promising Proposal, Project or Idea
    • What realistic project or idea that has been proposed, but not yet implemented has you most excited for Manchester’s future?
  • Most in Need of Improvement
    • What single issue or area does the city or region need to improve upon in order to improve livability in Manchester?
  • Best Civic Amenity
    • What is Manchester’s greatest strength that it can build upon to improve livability in the city?

So what do you think? Is there a topic or question we’re completely missing? Are there two many topics? Are any unclear? Do you have any possible options or answers you’d like to suggest for any of these topics? Let us know by sending us an email, leaving a comment on our Facebook page, or just commenting on this page.

In recommending or discussing neighborhoods, please use the names and boundaries determined by the Planning & Community Development department in this map. It’s not perfect, but it makes sure we’re all on the same page.


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