As part of the kickoff for the statewide Commute Green Challenge, the MTA will be offering free rides all week (May 14-18) to anyone participating in the challenge.

Just register at the Commute Green NH website and email with your contact information to receive five, one-day MTA passes for free.

Join the 2012 Statewide Challenge to save 4,000 trips by the end of the year!

Are You Up to the Challenge?

The Statewide Challenge is open to anyone who lives, works or commutes through New Hampshire. People can compete individually or on teams made up of coworkers or schoolmates. Employers, schools and individuals compete for awards, prizes and recognition from May 14 to December 31 by carpooling, bicycling, walking, using public transportation or telecommuting in a competition that benefits us all!


2 thoughts on “Ride free on the MTA for Commute Green Week

  1. Good to know! I take the bus all the time. Simple, clean, and cheap! Wish we could do more to change how the general public views the city bus… I took my 13-year old cousin on the bus this past Saturday and he kept whining that it was “dirty.” The bus was spotless, he’s just parroting his mother. *Huff*

    1. Agreed. I’ve ridden public transit in cities big and small–including the T nearly everyday, and the Metro bus in Portland, Maine just last weekend. From my admittedly limited experience with the MTA, their buses have been among the cleanest I’ve ridden–and certainly cleaner than the exhaust coming out of a car!

      The MTA doesn’t have any cleanliness issues–just funding issues, which are beyond its control. If Manchester and New Hampshire (and maybe the county) funded public transit as well as Portland and Maine do, the MTA could run certain routes more frequently and have longer hours, which would of course make it more attractive and even easier to use, and get more riders, which would give people more money to spend on things other than gas and might offset the money spent by the city and state. Like so many things in New Hampshire, it’s a classic case of needing more investment in order to see greater economic benefits.

      But that has nothing to do with the MTA, which seems to be a really well-run system, and which is doing so much with its limited resources to provide affordable, reliable transportation and attract new riders.

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