The City is asking volunteers–individuals, community groups, businesses and landscapers–to adopt and beautify one of 40 spots throughout the city.

The spots vary from downtown and neighborhood parks, to natural areas like Rock Rimmon, to memorials and cemeteries, to long overlooked (but very visible) medians along major roads. Some of the spots have already been adopted, like Bruno Square in the Hollow and a pedestrian passage between Pearl and Bridge Streets downtown, but many are still available for adoption.

Some sites require professional maintenance, such as full-time landscapers to maintain existing landscaping, and others could use capital improvements, such as new plantings and perhaps even pedestrian amenities and other infrastructure. But many sites just need volunteers to help with some basic maintenance–planting, pruning, cleaning and so on.

It’s a smart program, especially given the tight budgets that the City has seen in the past few years. While LivableMHT firmly believes that infrastructure and beautification are matters of good government, as well as a wise investment in a city, there are a lot of positives about this program. Maintaining and enhancing prominent locations throughout the city can give businesses a way to show their commitment to their city, and offers landscapers a high profile way to advertise their services. Perhaps most encouraging, though, is that the program empowers local residents to beautify and take pride in their own neighborhoods and public spaces, and offers an easy and visible way to get (or stay)  involved in their local community.

If you think you, your neighbors, your community group, or your business might like to get involved, take a look at the sites and contact the City about adopting one.


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