Photo by J. Hutchins

Manchester is falling into a pattern of decisions that are penny-wise, but pound-foolish. The City will be raising the cost of downtown parking, which is admittedly cheap compared to cities like Portsmouth, but Portsmouth already has a downtown that is thriving despite the “hassle of parking.” Downtown Manchester can get packed, but mostly during the workday. Nights and weekends, it’s a much quieter place, even if it’s doing pretty well. Now, a raise parking fee comes just as interest in downtown as a destination is starting to grow again.

Without improving downtown infrastructure and transit, raising the cost of parking just to stay within the tax cap will make it more difficult to draw people to downtown to shop or dine. Any increase in parking fees should direct some additional funding to programs like the MTA’s Green DASH, the free downtown shuttle bus, that could make people more likely to visit downtown outside of 9-5 workday hours. By bowing to the arbitrary (and insufficient) limit set by the tax cap, and relying instead on downtown parking fees, Manchester risks slowing the resurgence of its downtown and, ironically, potential future tax revenue.


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