Mancunian Business Spotlight: Manchester Acupuncture Studio

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In the second of an ongoing, occasional series on local businesses and their place in the Queen City, Elizabeth Ropp explains the history and mission of the Manchester Acupuncture Studio, and why it was important for the studio to remain downtown even as it moved to a more accessible location at 813 Canal Street recently.

Manchester Acupuncture Studio (MAS), with locations in Manchester and Nashua, is one of five Community Acupuncture clinics in New Hampshire, and operates on a sliding-scale to ensure that acupuncture is affordable to all members of the community.

photo 4
View of Millyard from MAS’ new space

Manchester Acupuncture Studio (MAS) is bringing in the new year with a new location at the flagship Manchester clinic, now located at 813 Canal Street.

Why the move?  It really comes down to accessibility and improved facilities. The new location in the Gold’s Gym Corner overlooks the Mill Yard and the Merrimack river, offers superior visibility, plentiful and level parking, ADA accessible bathroom and improved facilities. MAS to be as inclusive as possible in how we provide acupuncture, which means maintaining affordable rates, offering services seven days/week, and now more accommodating facilities.

MAS provides 23,000+ treatments annually between our Manchester and Nashua locations.  We work in Manchester and Nashua because between all MAS employees live in the area and we want to serve the community that we live in.

Southern New Hampshire has enthusiastically supported affordable acupuncture services by spreading the word to family, friends, co-workers, and health care providers.  Over the last few years MAS has received hundreds of referrals from the medical community, to which we are extremely grateful.   

Neighbors napping at MAS
Neighbors napping at MAS

Why downtown Manchester?  MAS founder, Andy Wegman, had been practicing acupuncture in Manchester for 7 years before opening Manchester Acupuncture Studio.  “I met lots of folks who were open to acupuncture,  but couldn’t afford private room rates.  I developed a real love for the people of the city, along with the model of Community Acupuncture.” The discovery of a beautiful big space to treat lots of people in Manchester’s Millyard was pure serendipity.  The original space served us well for many years and patients often mentioned that they loved the old buildings and shared personal stories of having worked in the Mills or of a mother or grandmother who had once worked in the mills.  

MAS is one of among hundreds of affordable sliding-scale clinic to open in the US and Canada as part of a greater movement of making acupuncture more affordable and accessible for the majority of the working population.  New Hampshire boasts five such Community Acupuncture clinics; in Manchester and Nashua, Concord, Portsmouth, and Keene.  As this movement for patient-centered, affordable care grows, many people are surprised to find they enjoy acupuncture as it proves a useful tool to help take care of themselves.  MAS started in Manchester when founder, Andy Wegman, experienced how the cost of private room acupuncture was putting regular treatments out of reach for most of his patients and the majority of the population of Manchester where he was already working.  Choosing a large space in Manchester’s downtown was a way to be available to a wide swath of the community.

photo 2Acupuncture is most commonly known to treat and manage physical and emotional pain.  It is also useful for respiratory and digestive ailments, reproductive health, along with great success relieving stress and anxiety.  At this point we have seen people come in for a laundry list of symptoms, general health maintenance, or even because they are mad at The Patriots.  

If you have not tried acupuncture, chances are by this point someone you know probably has.  In Manchester, we are open seven days a week and our appointments are offered on a sliding scale of $15-$35 with an additional one time paperwork fee of $10.  Come in and see why we are fans of napping with neighbors.


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