Mission Statement

LivableMHT is a website and online community dedicated to promoting and envisioning greater livability and stronger urban development patterns in Manchester, New Hampshire, through original ideas, information gathering, and public input.  LivableMHT principally advocates robust urban centers and walkable, diverse neighborhoods connected by public transit and alternative transportation in order to create more vibrant communities, foster greater economic development and improve the quality of life for residents of Manchester and the surrounding region.

Public Input

LivableMHT seeks the input and contribution of members of the Manchester community, as well as those with insight into livability locally or globally.  If you have information or thoughts to share, please contact us.  LivableMHT is especially interested in publishing the opinions, plans, aspirations and ideas of members of the Manchester community.  If you have any thoughts about the sidewalks on your street, the businesses in your neighborhood, the accessibility of public transit, the quality and affordability of housing on your block, or anything else related to livability issues, we want to hear it!

Contributions intended for publication on LivableMHT should be consistent with the mission of the site.  All published contributors will be identified by their full name, location  (neighborhood if within Manchester, city and state if outside) and position if they are writing in an official capacity.  An effort will be made to respond to all correspondence, and to address any discrepancies between contribution submissions and the mission of LivableMHT in order to facilitate the inclusion the greatest diversity of voices and ideas possible from the community.  The editors of LivableMHT retain the right to determine the content of the site.

Editors & Major Contributors

Michael Bellefeuille

Michael Bellefeuille is a Manchester native whose affection for his hometown, background in architecture, and interest in livable cities and neighborhoods prompted him to start LivableMHT early in 2011.  Growing up partially in Manchester’s North End, he greatly enjoyed being able to walk down the block to Bunny’s, or ride his bike to Livingston Park and work in the summer, as well as the sense of community provided by a front porch and sidewalks with pedestrian passersby.  A 2003 graduate of Manchester High School West, he was twice the recipient of Plan New Hampshire’s Alfred T. Granger Fellowship as an architecture student.

Though he currently lives in metro-Boston, he remains intently interested in Manchester as a city and community, and returns home frequently to visit friends and family and to spend time in Manchester’s burgeoning neighborhoods, shops and restaurants.  With LivableMHT, he hopes to provide a place for residents and other people interested in Manchester’s future to share ideas and promote an increasingly vibrant, urban community in the Queen City.

About Our Header Images

The images you see in the header of each page are a rotating series, featuring scenes from Manchester’s neighborhoods, cityscape, landscape, history, or other subjects relating to livability and urban development in the Queen City.  They may be from LivableMHT’s own photographs, those available in the public domain or through Creative Commons, or those submitted by visitors or contributors to the site.

cropped-nicholaserwin_8161948996_6006fd9015_h.jpgView of City Hall Plaza and the Carpenter Hotel, with a bit of the cornice of the Beacon Block, as seen from Veterans Park, taken by Nicholas Erwin.

cropped-ssave_9997037443_2bdbd56195_k.jpgPanorama of the Amoskeag Millyard in 1883, from the collection of George Lane.

cropped-psnh_3788987528_9391b157e9_o.jpgView of the Merrimack River through the windows of the Amoskeag Hydroelectric plant, taken by PSNH.

cropped-cropped-livablemht_header_rowhouses.jpgView of rowhouse roofs on Newell Street, in the Amoskeag Corporate Housing Historic District, taken by (V)oluntary (∀)mputation.

Nighttime view of downtown and Rimmon Heights from Rock Rimmon, taken by Shawn Howard.

Past Header Images

Our fourth header image is a view of Manchester’s Millyard and West Side, taken from Downtown, with Ste. Marie’s Church and the Uncanoonuc Mountains in the background. It is in public domain via Creative Commons, and can be found on the Wikipedia page for Manchester.

Our third header image is a photo of rowhouse roofs on Newell Street, in the Amoskeag Corporate Housing Historic District.  It was taken by (V)oluntary (∀)mputation and is in public domain via Creative Commons.

Our second header image is a view taken by Mikespenard from atop Rock Rimmon, looking over the West Side toward downtown Manchester and the rolling, low hills east of the city.  It is in public domain via Creative Commons, and can be found on the Wikipedia page for Manchester.

Our first header image was taken by Michael Bellefeuille around dusk looking down Amherst Street toward Elm.