LivableMHT seeks the input and contribution of members of the Manchester community, as well as those with insight into livability locally or globally.  If you have information or thoughts to share, please contact us.  LivableMHT is especially interested in publishing the opinions, plans, aspirations and ideas of members of the Manchester community.  If you have any thoughts about the sidewalks on your street, the businesses in your neighborhood, the accessibility of public transit, the quality and affordability of housing on your block, or anything else related to livability issues, we want to hear it!

Please use this form to tell us your basic ideas, to tip us off on any information or news we’re missing, to ask any questions, to offer your suggestions or to inform us of any errors.  If you’re writing to submit a piece of writing or any ideas that you’d like published in our News & Ideas or Envisioning|MHT sections, please offer just a summary and we’ll be respond as quickly as possible.


Contributions intended for publication on LivableMHT should be consistent with the mission of the site.  All published contributors will be identified by their full name, location  (neighborhood if within Manchester, city and state if outside) and position if they are writing in an official capacity.  An effort will be made to respond to all correspondence, and to address any discrepancies between contribution submissions and the mission of LivableMHT in order to facilitate the inclusion the greatest diversity of voices and ideas possible from the community.  The editors of LivableMHT retain the right to determine the content of the site.