Envisioning|MHT is an occasional series envisioning how ideas and speculative proposals might look and work in Manchester, and how they might improve urbanism and livability in the city.  (Read more about the series below.)


Rendering of a streetcar gliding up Amherst Street
Manchester streetcar system
Rebuilding the Notre Dame Flat Iron District
Urbanizing Corey Square/Janeville
Uniting the Millyard & Elm Street
Future MTA

About the Envisioning|MHT series

The Envisioning|MHT series is meant to show strong examples of possible ways to improve the look, feel and livability of the city.  These ideas may be conceptual plans for the redevelopment of a neighborhood or area, better transit or alternative transportation, a new development or infill project, a neighborhood master plan, zoning and ordinance proposals, development strategies and incentives, historic preservation and rehabilitation, facade improvement, traffic changes, or any other ideas relating to urbanism and livability throughout Greater Manchester. Once an Envisioning|MHT installment is posted, LivableMHT hopes to continue to build on it with community input and public feedback. Comment and let us know what you think.  If you would change something, revise a rendering or plan and show us what you would do.  Let us know what you think, and submit your own ideas if you have one.

Potential Envisioning|MHT Topics

Among many other topics and areas that might be explored in future installments of the Envisioning|MHT series are:

  • Future MTA: a collective, realistic imagining of what an improved public transit system might look like for Greater Manchester, possibly including routes, hubs, modes of transit, transit-oriented development sites, and supportive policy and zoning changes
  • Rimmon Heights: build upon the work of the City, residents, community groups and businesses to imagine further growth and projects in the West Side neighborhood
  • Notre Dame Flat Iron District: how the former West Side neighborhood center might be rebuilt around McGregor and Amory Streets, and tying into and supporting CMC, Lafayette Park, Mill West and other area institutions
  • Granite Square: build upon the 2006 Downtown study calling for creating a neighborhood business district along Main Street, and how to enhance Granite Street as a connector and gateway to Downtown
  • The Hollow: targeting properties for restoration and facade improvement, along with infrastructure improvements and infill projects to enhance this historic East Side neighborhood center
  • Franklin Street: transforming downtown parking lots into a mixed-use development and public space for events near City Hall and better integrating the Millyard with Downtown
  • Downtown South: illustrate how the Gaslight and Warehouse Districts might look with implementation of various proposals for the area coupled with further enhancement of Elm Street south of the arena

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