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Downtown Projects & Proposals

Granite Landing

Granite Landing is actually located near Granite Square in the West Side Piscataquog neighborhood, but the site is also prominent as a gateway to downtown and development here has great potential to tie Granite Square, as a robust neighborhood center, with Downtown Manchester.

According to MEDO’s Bids & Proposals page, the City is seeking RFPs for urban-scale, commercial office, retail or mixed-use development on land currently owned by the City at an important gateway to Downtown and Granite Square in the West Side neighborhood of Piscataquog.  This video is of a conceptual model of how such a project might look: the building covers the two small lots on Granite Street adjacent to the I-293 off-ramp and spans the end of Second Street where it intersects with Douglas Street.

Pandora restoration

Pandora Mill restoration
Photo by grenfrog00

The Pandora mill is a visually prominent structure on the Manchester skyline, and a gateway to Downtown and the Millyard.  Until recently, it was the last standing mill building awaiting restoration and reuse.

Downtown Strategic Development Plan

Completed by Hillier Architecture for the City in April 2006, the report examines the City of Manchester’s downtown center and areas of economic opportunity related to the downtown.

MEDO Plans & Projects

Manchester Economic Development Office’s website detailing major ongoing projects as well as major Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

Citywide Projects & Proposals

Manchester Master Plan

The City’s master plan is its guiding planning document for the next decade.  The Master Plan, adopted in December 2009, provides a nice summary of the City’s planning objectives with lots of great visuals.

Take a look, but heads up: the file is large and may take awhile to load.

Miscellaneous Master Plans

This site provides multiple master plans for different parts of the city and infrastructure.


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