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Woodmont Commons

Rendering of Woodmont Commons; from Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co.

Woodmont Commons is a planned mixed-use, New Urbanist development on what is now 600 acres of apple orchards.  The developers make frequent mention of Portsmouth as an example of the type of community they hope to build between exits 3 and 4 on I093.  Their website introduces the project as follows:

Woodmont Commons will be a sustainable, active destination for current and future Londonderry residents. It will be a village, in which people of all ages can congregate, shop, live, watch a performance, work, enjoy a meal, and relax and will offer a place to build a greater sense of community with a vibrant core. Our goal is not to replicate the area cities, but to respect the character of Londonderry, while creating a dynamic village with the four important aspects of any successful community—retail, commercial, residential and open space.

Such development could occur, albeit on a smaller scale, and perhaps be more successful if integrated into existing neighborhoods, downtowns and villages in Manchester and the surrounding towns.  While New Urbanism seeks to emulate traditional towns, villages, neighborhoods and buildings, such projects are rarely built upon a strong historic background or existing infrastructure.  Woodmont Commons falls into this category, being built away from Londonderry’s modest town center.  Still, the project represent a much more considerate and conservative use of land than the sort of sprawl that has become typical in suburbs across southern New Hampshire.  Despite its aspirations, Woodmont Orchards will never be downtown Portsmouth, but it will also never be the winding cul-de-sacs of suburban greater Manchester, and it will offer a mixed-use, walkable neighborhood a short distance from downtown Manchester.  Its proximity to Manchester and adjacency to I-93, along with its walkable nature, also makes the project a good candidate for an express bus or other transit connection to downtown Manchester.


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