West Side Neighborhoods

Map of Manchester neighborhoods

Rimmon Heights & Notre Dame

Neighborhood Initiatives

Night view of Rimmon Heights from Rock Rimmon; from Shawnotron

Rimmon Heights neighborhood initiative: comprehensive development strategy plan for Rimmon Heights, which extends somewhat to neighboring Notre Dame

St. Mary’s Bank, located in Rimmon Heights, has a page dedicated to investments by the credit union and others in the neighborhood.

Mill West apartments

Brady Sullivan Millworks
Mill West with Rimmon Heights & Notre Dame beyond

According to NHPR, Mill West at the base of Rimmon Heights and Notre Dame will soon house 280 apartments by Brady Sullivan.  The building now known as Mill West was originally known as Mill No. 11 and was the largest single cotton mill in the world.  The massive building, zoned as part of the Amoskeag Mixed Use District, is across from an area that was once known as the Flat Iron district.  That entire neighborhood was razed and is now the site of CMC and the shopping mall across McGregor Street.  With recent developments at CMC and the influx of hundreds of new residents, the Mill West project could have the potential to spur more development in the area.

Piscataquog (Granite Square)

West Manchester library branch, Piscataquog; from Manchester Library
West Manchester library branch, Piscataquog; from Manchester Library

Granite Landing

Granite Landing is located in the old West High student parking lot near Granite Square, but the site is also prominent as a gateway to downtown, and development here has great potential to tie Granite Square, as a robust neighborhood center, with Downtown Manchester.

According to MEDO’s Bids & Proposals page, the City is seeking RFPs for urban-scale, commercial office, retail or mixed-use development on land currently owned by the City at an important gateway to Downtown and Granite Square in the West Side neighborhood of Piscataquog.  This video is of a conceptual model of how such a project might look: the building covers the two small lots on Granite Street adjacent to the I-293 off-ramp and spans the end of Second Street where it intersects with Douglas Street.

West Granite revitalization

410-414 Granite Street rehab – from westgranite.com

NeighborWorks Greater Manchester has been working with residents of West Granite to revitalize and improve their corner of Piscataquog since 2006.  In 2009, the organization received $2.53 million in Neighborhood Stabilization funds to purchase and rehab existing housing in the neighborhood, and then sell the properties to owner-occupants.

The program, in conjunction with NeighborWorks’ other work with neighborhood residents, will restore many beautiful, old houses and apartments to charming, comfortable homes for neighborhood residents.  Just as importantly, the program will strengthen the neighborhood by ensuring that more landlords live in West Granite and are members of the local community.

NeighborWorks has created a useful website for residents to get involved in their work in West Granite and to follow the process of the property rehabilitation in the neighborhood.

Wolfe Park & Mast Road


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