LivableMHT Maps

LivableMHT maps are created using Google Maps.  You can view multiple maps at once, allowing overlays.  Many of LivableMHT’s maps are made based on official documents and other data.  If you notice any errors, please notify us.

  • Manchester neighborhoods: neighborhood boundaries as defined by the Manchester Planning & Community Development Department.  Distinct neighborhoods adjacent or intimately tied to Manchester in other towns, including Hooksett, Goffstown and Bedford are also included.
  • Neighborhood centers: areas currently zoned for Neighborhood Business or identified by the Manchester Planning & Community Development Department as neighborhood village centers in Manchester.  Also shown are some possible zoning revisions favored by LivableMHT.
  • Downtown Manchester: districts of Downtown including the Millyard, Gaslight and so on, as defined by the Manchester Planning & Community Development Department and other planners.
  • Envisioned Future MTA: a schematic map of possible improvements to the MTA bus system as envisioned by LivableMHT, and showing major destinations, possible transit hubs and corridors, and areas warranting more frequent service.
  • Historic Manchester streetcar system: an approximation of the extensive streetcar system in Manchester drawn from a 1932 street map of the city, around the time of the height of the streetcar system, and other sources.  While the routes follow the lines shown on the map (with a few exceptions where streets no longer exist), the exact routes are estimations.
  • Major development: this map will provide locations of major ongoing or proposed development.

Official Maps

City of Manchester

Town of Bedford

Town of Goffstown

Town of Hooksett

Town of Londonderry

Town of Derry

Public Transit & Alternative Transportation

Miscellaneous Maps